How To Maintain Your Brazilian or Peruvian Hair Weave

Good maintenance of your hair is essential – it determines how long it will last. But it is important to note that all hair will tangle to some degree. It all depends on your maintenance.

Here’s how to manage your Brazilian or Peruvian weave:

  • Brush your hair twice a day, starting at the tips. When brushing, hold your hair in the middle. Gently and slowly brush out the tangles at the ends, working your way up to the top of your head. Don’t brush vigorously as this will cause the hair to shed (and curly hair to lose its curl). A wide-toothed comb or brush may be used to brush out severe tangles.
  • Always brush your hair before washing it.
  • Gently wash your hair in warm water with sulphate-free shampoo, taking care not to squeeze the hair as this will cause tangling.
  • Rinse your hair with warm water.
  • Apply sulphate-free conditioner, remembering not to squeeze the hair.
  • Rinse the conditioner out thoroughly under warm water.
  • We recommend air drying your hair. Gently pat your hair with a dry towel and leave it to stand. If you use a blow dryer, always use a medium heat setting.
  • Spray leave-in conditioner and brush gently.
  • Deep condition the hair regularly to maintain its optimal condition. If heating tools are used frequently, do this at least once a month. If the hair has been coloured or chemically treated, increase this to at least twice a month.
  • The best way to maintain the health of your weave is to treat it like your own hair. Natural oils, deep treatment and cremes are some of the best ways to keep it from becoming dry or brittle.

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